Heldin Belt

The Heldin Belt or CrossBody belt is a fashionable Sally Browne Belt. And it carves curves all over your body. The main difference from a regular waist belt is the shoulder strap that goes between the bust. Heldin recreated the Sally Browne specifically for women. heldin belt

The Heldin Belt

The bold military look may be controversial, but what’s wrong with looking decisive and distinctive? This attention grabber cinches your waist and defines your cleavage at the same time. A double duty belt that looks like nothing else on the market. You call your necklace a statement piece? This is a statement piece.

Femme Fatale or Shapely Silhouette?

In rose pink it’s a feminine accent on your body. Adding three dimensional curves to your womanly bust. In black or red it creates dramatic tension, making your upper body provocative and attention seeking. Choose your style, rose pink or something with more impact. Or both.

2 in 1

The waist belt can be worn on its own, if you’re feeling traditional. Accessorize by adding a tassel or puff ball to the front loop. But if you want to provoke attention, add the shoulder strap for a non-conformist power look. This versatility means you can dress up almost any outfit.

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The CrossBody Belt had its beginning in the Sam Browne or Sally Browne Belt. This featured a wide waist belt with a diagonal shoulder strap. This smaller diagonal strap distinguished the Sam / Sally Browne Belt in the world of belts.

Originally a part of uniforms, this strap helped support the weight of duty items attached to the waist belt. It soon became a symbol of authority and distinction. After its uniform heyday during the Second World War, this belt faded into obscurity. Only a few police forces and militaries still kept it, and only in formal dress uniforms.

The Return of the Sally Browne Belt

After decades out of the spotlight, the Sam Browne / Sally Browne Belt has returned to the fashion world. Known as the CrossBody Belt in fashion terms, it’s the newest and hottest fashion accessory for women. Maybe Eleanor Roosevelt was right about the Sam Browne Belt Complex in women.

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