Heldin Style

heldin styleNeed a new way to wear an old dress? Put a stylish belt on it. If you want your new look to stand out, a belt can make all the difference. The versatility of the Heldin adds either a Waist belt or a CrossBody belt for extra style. The new Heldin Style is the power-fashion look of the CrossBody belt.

Waist belt:

  • The waist belt is great for cinching the waist of dresses and longer tops.
  • This can help create an hour glass shape, or an empire waist.
  • Add a puff ball or tassel to the front loop to accessorize.


  • The CrossBody belt is a game changer. It cinches your cleavage, defining your bust, as well as your waist.
  • The CrossBody version works well on dresses, sweaters and oversized shirts. The Heldin Belt is perfect if the clothes are unstructured and needs tapering close to your body.
  • As a military inspired belt, it also adds a professional and powerful look. heldin style

Not so good with:

  • Bare chested low cleavage showing tops. The CrossBody Belt is best on clothes. Just like you wouldn’t wear a waist belt over a bare midriff. Or at least you shouldn’t.

How to separate CrossBody Strap from waist belt:

  • Slip the back loop off the waist belt.
  • Slip the front loop off the waist belt, or simply detach the lobster hook from it.
  • The waist belt can now be worn separately.

The Front Loop (connecting to the lobster clasp)  must be placed at your front. Do not place at your back.

front loop
Front Loop




For pictures of the Heldin Belt click here.

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